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A Model of New Constitution For India

Political parties
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Political parties

162.     Registration and recognition of Political parties.

(1)                   A political party can be registered at the District Head quarter of any revenue District, by submitting application before the District Election Officer.

(2)                   Such application shall be supported by at least five hundred Voters, by affirmation of oath that they are not accused in any Criminal case and that they are active members of such political party and that they will abide by the Constitution of Bharat.

(3)                   Such registered political party shall submit its un-audited annual accounts and list of the members for the year ending on 31st March of every year, within 30 days there from, with a copy thereof by registered post to the Election Commission of Bharat.

(4)                   Once a political party gets registration in one District, it can file and get registered separately in each District or States, in the similar manner.

(5)                   The candidates of any political party, on the grounds that his political party is registered, shall not be entitled for specific election symbol, till such registered party would not be recognized as a State or National political party, in accordance with the provisions provided under this Constitution, but election results of such candidates shall be accounted for granting of such recognisation, if applied for.

(6)                   When any registered political party, gets more than ten percentages of the total Votes, enrolled in all constituencies of State's Legislative Assembly, during the general election of such Assembly, shall be declared as "Recognized State Political Party" and shall entitled to get specific Election symbol up to the next general election of such State Assembly. By virtue such recognition no political party shall entitled to use specific symbol during the general election of the Lok Sabha.

(7)                   If any "Recognized State Political Party" gets more than ten percentages of the total Votes, enrolled in all Lok Sabha constituencies in the country, during general election of Lok Sabha, shall be declared as "Recognised National Political Party" and shall entitled to get specific symbol up to the next general election of the Lok Sabha.

(8)                   Law Commission of Bharat, after inviting suggestions from the public, shall frame Byelaws and Rules, which shall be adopted by every political party, with regards to their all matters and affairs, before applying for registration at any district election officer. Compliance of Byelaws and Rules shall be mandatory for every political party; otherwise registration and recognition shall suffer revocation.

(9)                   Parliament, after enactment of such Rules and Byelaws, shall make laws to regulate registration of Political Parties, in accordance with this article.

(10)   President of any recognised national political party, at the material time, shall not eligible to be a candidate for the office of the Prime Minister.

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